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KODYS is an Applications Solutions Integrator in the field of automatic identification and the leading company operating in this area in the Czech Republic. It has been involved in bar code systems since 1991.

Markets served

Warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, retail and distribution, transport, government, utilities, healthcare, etc. 

KODYS Software Solutions

  • K.asset– Asset Management Tracking System
  • K.manufacturing - Manufacturing Tracking System
  • K.collect - Mobile Data Capture System
  • K.parcel - Mobile Parcel Services System
  • K.patrol - Mobile Police Information System
  • K.field - System for Mobile Field Workers
  • K.warehouse - Warehouse Management System
  • K.voice - Warehouse Voice Recognition System
  • Accellos WMS – Warehouse Management System

Other Solutions

  • Direct Part Marking (Manufacturing)
  • Patient Identification using wristbands with bar codes


For all solutions we offer related hardware

  • Mobile terminals
  • Barcode printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • WLAN components
  • Plastic cards printers
  • RFID scanners
  • Industry stationar scanners
  • Industry labels applicators
  • Customer kiosks, etc.

For more information about hardware please contact use the form below.


  • Wide range of labels
  • Plastic cards
  • Ribbons, etc

Selected KODYS Solutions

Logistics and warehouse control

The most frequent use of a bar code system is in the warehouse. The storeman scans a bar code on the stock item with a bar code scanner or a mobile terminal. Applications are typically in Goods In, Shipping, Ordering, inventory and many others that can be customised to customer´s requirements. The data are then transferred into a PC where synchronization with the existing stock is done. It is also possible to integrate our solutions into systems such as SAP R/3, G.O.L.D., BAAN, etc.

Asset Management System K.asset

Bar codes have already served for many years as a cheap, reliable and accurate method of identifying and tracking items and people. Every single asset is marked with a plastic, easily washable and abrasion resistant label (or a security label) with a bar code, in which the information about the inventory asset number is encoded and a record of the item is created in the database. Then the stock-taking is done by scanning the bar codes of individual asset items with mobile terminals. The system immediately records the real status of the stock into the terminal memory including date and time of the stock-take, and the worker's name. At the end of the process the data are transmitted into the PC application updates the inventory and complete tabulated results are instantly at your disposal.

Route Accounting

Route accounting consists of software developed for efficient goods distribution. A driver of a delivery vehicle has in his mobile terminal a list of customers and deliveries. On arrival at the customer's premises the driver selects the customer's order from the database and scans the codes of the delivered goods.
He can print a delivery note or a tax certificate on a mobile printer attached to the terminal. All the updated information is then transmitted into the company database. Other tasks can be executed such as querying customer details as to credit status or placing new orders and offering delivery dates. This process significantly shortens the time it currently takes to do the same operations manually.

Wireless networks in logistics

In manufacturing, stores, warehouses and retailing, local wireless networks Wi-Fi/802.11a/b/g/n are becoming increasingly popular. Mobile terminals equipped with a Wi-Fi card enable on-line communication with a computer network, sharing network resources and instant data transfer. The advantages of using a wireless network can be demonstrated on a simple example. Orders are continuously input to a company's central information system. These orders can be accessed in real-time by mobile terminal users who are then able to start comparing goods received with the purchase orders and putting them away faster. It allocates automatically the best route to put away or pick goods  in the warehouse, which ensures an increase in his productivity. This process significantly shortens the time it currently takes to do the same operations manually. The store man has no need to work with paper because up-to-date information is always at his disposal on the terminal. This significantly reduces the number of errors and discrepancies and speeds up the work process.


If you need to label products or equipment, we also offer printing labels to order. That may be done for all sorts of labels as well as for plastic cards. We can also offer a graphic design or you may supply your own. Our print department can provide all information about the best type of labels and ribbons for your own printer.
Kodys is certified Zebra service provider, which ensures high quality service.

General Benefits of Our Solutions

  • Significant time savings
  • Elimination of human errors
  • General cost savings
  • Instant and up-to-date data
  • Data accuracy
  • Accurate asset tracking

Main KODYS Partners and Certifications 


Motorola Solutions (acquired by Zebra Technologies),  the world technology leader in production of scanners, mobile terminals and components for wireless networks – KODYS is an Elite Partner.

Zebra Technologies - manufacturer of bar code printers and supplies. KODYS is a Premier Partner and partner for the areas: healthcare, supplies, printers, service.

GS1 Czech Republic – KODYS is a GS1 Czech Republic Accredited Partner.

Microsoft  – GOLD Application Partner.

KODYS is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.



KODYS, spol. s r.o.
Hošťálkova 7/520, Praha 6  

Czech Republic    
tel.: +420 233 097 911
e-mail: info (at)



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